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Lab News

May 2023: Congratulations to Dr. Jiang and her team for their publication “Genetically prolonged beige fat in male mice confers long-lasting metabolic health" in Nature Communications! Beige adipocytes quickly transition into white adipocytes upon removing stimuli, limiting their therapeutic potential for chronic metabolic diseases. In this study, the authors show that inhibiting Cdkn2a-Becn1-mediated autophagy can maintain beige adipocytes and provide long-term metabolic health benefits.

March 2023: 
Congratulations to Pratibha on being awarded a Spring 2023 Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant!

December 2022: Congratulations to Dr. Jiang on receiving
 the Department Rising Star Award!

June 2022: Congratulations to Pratibha on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI) award.

June 2022: Congratulations to Cedric on his best presentation award at CADA annual meeting!

May 2022: Excited to share that Jiang lab received its first NIH R01!

May 2022: Congratulations to Ruoci on passing her prelim exam!

March 2022: Yexian and Ruifan join the lab!

July 2021: Cedric joins the lab!

Feb 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Jiang and her team for their publication “Progenitor-like characteristics in a subgroup of UCP1+ cells within white adipose tissue” in Developmental Cell, Feb 2021. Beige adipocytes were considered post-mitotic. This study raises the possibility that new beige adipocytes can emerge by proliferation of existing beige adipocytes.

Feb 2021: Congratulations to postdoc from the Jiang lab Dr. Shin for her PI job at Seoul Women's University! 

Feb 2021: Jiang lab receives the NIH R03 award.

July 2020: Iffat joins the Jiang lab as a graduate student.

June 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Jiang and her team for their latest publication “Dynamic control of adipose tissue development and adult tissue homeostasis by platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha” in eLife. The nature of adipose stem cells is still elusive. This work provides the insight that developmental and adult adipocytes are not born equally and they utilize different regulatory mechanisms for adipose lineage commitment.

Jan 2020: Lifeng joins the lab as a research scientist.

July 2019: Jooman joins the lab as a postdoc starting on 7/16/2019

Jan 2019: Michael and Brandon join the lab 1/10/2019

Nov 2018: Sonia joins the lab as a postdoc starting on 11/1/2018.

Aug 2018: Dr. Jiang starts as an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics 8/16/18

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